How to memorize the Quran

1: repetition, by repeating the verses intended to memorize after comprehension of their meaning in general. 2: self-study and collective, 3: start with the easy to save, such as short fence, and short verses, 4: the night to keep the night, the night helps to install the saved. 5: Listening to the Holy Quran Whenever the opportunity arises, 6: Singing the Holy Quran whenever his mind is ready for it, 7: Choose the right times to memorize, such as magic times, times of doing, and pre-sunset. 8: the organization of time and investment well, and this is a good thing in the memorization of the Koran, 9: Imagine the text that preserves and visualize the events, and this is useful in two directions in the process of conservation and installation together. 10: It is also advised to standardize the selected Koran for conservation, to be a single Koran throughout the conservation period, 11: It is also advised that the Qur'an be very fit for reading in terms of font size and background writing .